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Social media has fast become the most effective form of marketing for any brand or business and Facebook is the most dominant platform. Facebook has over 1.39 billion active users, every 60 seconds there are 510 comments, 293,000 status updates, and 136,000 photos uploaded, obviously it is critical you learn how to engage your community or you’ll be left behind. We offer complete social media solutions to get you to the top of your market and keep you there. We create and manage campaigns that get you results!

[feature icon="edit" title="Social Media Consulting" color="1"]Developing a Social Media Strategy for Brands, by identifying the channels, platforms, and tactics that deliver.[/feature][feature icon="bar-chart-o" title="Car Dealerships" color="2"]Specializing in increased sales, referrals and PR. Proven Strategies for making dealerships thousands of dollars.[/feature][feature icon="group" title="Social Media Training" color="3"]Receive a blueprint for getting more comments likes, referrals and positive reviews, which directly increases sales.[/feature][feature icon="bullhorn" title="Social Media Advertising" color="4"]Focused on an understanding of social media behaviour and innovative social media ad solutions.[/feature][feature icon="sitemap" title="Viral Content Creation" color="5"]Learn the secrets to making consistent viral content that will expose your brand to thousands of potential targeted prospects.[/feature][feature icon="sort-alpha-asc" title="Social Media Management" color="8"]Complete development and management of a digital strategy for brands by identifying the avenues to support growth, sales, engagement and positive public relations.[/feature]

Why Choose Us?

Our company is best known for helping Car Dealerships dramatically increase sales and manage public relations using Facebook. Our proven track record speaks for itself and has been utilized with great success in the automotive industry, resorts and hotels and the small business sector.

[service icon="fire" title="Over 10 Years of Experience and Proven Success"]We have been at the forefront of internet marketing world for the last 10 years. This experiential knowledge has allowed us to manage and massively grow several multi-million dollar accounts and create platforms for small businesses to rocket them from obscurity to mainstream success.[/service][service icon="check" title="Tailored Marketing Strategies"]Spark Social Media creates tailored strategies for every business. Many companies hand you down the line to the intern and apply cookie cutter solutions. You will work one-on-one with Matt to ensure the highest level of service and results.[/service][service icon="dashboard" title="Automatic Exponential Growth"]Once your unique strategy has been implemented it runs like clockwork to increase sales, referrals, positive public relations/branding and continues to grow. We provide account management or train you to manage it within your company.[/service]

About Matt


Matt is a marketing expert, entrepreneur and world traveller who has been making a living off of the internet and consulting companies for over 10 years. He started at age 19 driving down to L.A to attend the Internet Marketing Summit where he made friends and mentors with some of the best in the industry. Since then Matt has continued to educate himself through online courses, programs, training and seminars to stay ahead of the curve in an industry than can change overnight. He has used this knowledge to help companies achieve incredible success in many different markets including the automotive industry where he has created and managed marketing and social media platforms for over 10 dealerships including four Mitsubishi Dealerships, Dodge Chrysler and the House of Cars Group. He has helped major resorts such as the Surf Ranch Nicaragua, Snow Park New Zealand and Phuket Top Team take their businesses to the next level as well as successfully consult many small businesses and take them from relative obscurity to mainstream success. Matt operates from a place of integrity and passion, he invites you to take his risk free challenge to prove his work and help grow your business!

Spark Social Media Challenge

“Who Else Wants a Social Media Strategy That Will Grow Your Business, Make You Money, and Blow Your Competition Out of the Water for Free?”

We understand that companies are sceptical of online and social media guru’s because most are full of false promises. Spark Social Media is a results based marketing firm that implements specific proven strategies that have been documented, which get results, grow your business and make you money.

From one business to another Spark Social challenges you to contact us and give us a try free of charge. When you contact us we will put together a marketing plan that will get you results for free and work out the details later. If for any reason we do not get you the results we promised or you’re unsatisfied for any reason we will not charge you a penny and you can continue to use the system we have provided.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! We only ask for one chance to prove our work. When we are successful in helping you grow your business and you’re thrilled with the results we will accept fair compensation.


We have worked with a wide variety of brands, from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies and resorts, with proven success. We work intimately with only a few clients at one time so we can give you our undivided attention. You won’t be passed down the line in a cookie cutter type operation. Social media is all about conversation, when you give us a call or email to start a friendly conversation you’ll quickly discover if our services will be a benefit to your business.


Email: Matt@sparksocialmedia.ca
Phone: 587-893-1012